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1. Development awareness:

The development of an enterprise is based on the internal operation quality, to pursue excellence management and create best benefits. In order to create the best benefits, the first thing to rely on is people (personnel structure and quality), the second is knowledge (technological innovation), and the third is vision (foresights). To have a sound vision, we have to be clear about the development trends, accurately predict the broad market prospects, and meet weaker competitors. If we master these three points, we are getting closer and closer to the destination of become rich. To achieve sound and fast development, a company must be people-oriented, and implement talent strategies.

2. Competition Awareness:

Competition means to win over customers, financial resources, human resources, and technological resources against competitors. The lack of competition awareness is nothing else than handing the opportunity of development over to others on a silver platter. The mightiest weapon for a company to survive is active participation in competitions. Choosing the weaker competitors, the company will win by default.

3. Innovation awareness:

Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of a company. One cannot follow the steps of others or eat their leftovers. Vitality depends on innovation, so does a vibrant enterprise.

4. Ownership Awareness:

The company depends on my own development, and I rely on the company for survival; employees and the company share weal and woe, and go through thick and thin together. Only in this way can the company keeps growing and developing.